Don’t delay foundation repair when the basement leaks

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The idea of foundation repair is sufficient to make most homeowners fear, but how do you know when you need it? Is that little trickle of water in your basement truly a sign of a serious issue? Unfortunately, it usually is. A bit of water does not forever indicate an issue with the foundation, but if it is, you must act fast to stop costly damage to your house. Time is of the essence when it comes to foundation repair for basement leaks.

Mold grows in leaky basements

Possibilities are, you already have mold spores in your basement. Spores can exist wherever they find heat and natural material, such as cardboard, drywall and wood. If your basement is hot and contains these items, you probably have mold spores. All the spores need to thrive and grow in moisture. A leak in the basement will cause hidden mold spores to spring to life, destroying every surface on which they grow.

Without foundation repair to remove the water source, this mold will damage your belongings and also may cause structure issue to your home. Even worse, the mold spores contaminate the air in your house. Serious health issues, including asthma, allergies, and other respiratory situations, can outcome from breathing this contaminated air.  Waiting to have the issue repaired can worsen these problems over time and place your family health at danger.

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Basement leaks cause increased humidity

When water seeps into your basement, it generally unnoticed, sits, in a puddle on the floor. Even if the leak happens near a floor drain, some water will generally remain in the basement. It will eventually evaporate, and as it does, the humidity will rise as the air absorbs the moisture. This can make your home feel itchy, as high humidity makes the air feel hotter.

Your homes heating, air and ventilation systems are designed to manage humidity in the air. But increased humidity from a basement leak can make the system work harder and longer to get rid of the added moisture in the air.

Leaks lead to worsening foundation damage

A little basement leak may seem like a little problem, but putting off repairs will ultimately cause more issues and bigger repair bills. If you have a leak and want more information on possible wet basement waterproofing, contact a professional in your area to schedule an inspection and quote for foundation repair.